Swaminarayan Satsang App

A mumukshu’s (seeker of Salvation) path is always filled with hurdles. He is always in a fight internally with his senses (and sometimes externally as well). In order to survive this battle, we need to enlighten ourselves with knowledge and religious teachings. This application helps to build that internal strength!

This application is a digital gateway to a collection of engaging, inspirational, and authentic Katha (spiritual discourses), uplifting Kirtans (devotional songs), mesmerizing Dhun (spiritual chant), Sadgranths (spiritual Books), spiritual blogs, audiobooks, and various collections of 3D Animation, Daily Darshan (images of Almighty lord of different pilgrimage places), Shibir-Mahotsav, Chandan na Vagha, Cultural Programs, Telefilms, Yatra-Pravas, Awareness, Hindola-Abhishek and other digital media of the Swaminarayan sect.

 This application has fantastic features, and some of the most exciting ones are listed below:

- 10,000+ hours of spiritual discourses on 60+ Sadgranths (spiritual books & aakhyan – moral learnings based on the life of great devotees and saints) orated by the Sampraday’s prominent and respected Saint, Pujya Shree Gyanjivandasji Swami – Kundaldham (fondly known as Pu. Guruji), and many more.

-1,000+ spiritual songssung by 60+ well-known vocalists. Lyrics by 30+ poets.

- Categorized Dhuns by Raaga, moods, and occasions. These chants can help you in meditation and help you soothe your soul!

- Audiobooks of renowned sadgranths like Vachanamrut, Bhaktchintamani, Hari Smruti, etc.

- Spiritual books like Vachnamrut, Swami ni Vato, Shreeji ni Lila and many books of Kirtan (spiritual songs) with the features like audio to enhance the reading experience, simple explanation of regional, scriptural and philosophical words, offline download, search within books and universal search, highlight and write notes, bookmark, transliteration, auto scroll, easily share the content you like and night mode.

- Spiritual blogs from various writer including saints and devotees with classifications and features like audio to enhance the reading experience, night mode and related blogs!

- Create a ringtone from the audio you like with inbuilt ringtone maker.

- Real-time push notifications

- My Library – This is a place where you can personalize and create your own playlists!! And guess what, this is applicable for both audio and video formats! (audio, video, books, blogs and magazines)

- Automatic backup of your data (Requires registration and login), easily synchronize data between multiple devices

- This app is available in two different languages – English and Gujarati.

- Sharing of content like audio, video, etc.!

- 24x7 Radio and Live TV!

- This app supports both typing and voice search options with advanced search capabilities.!

- You get suggestions of content related to what you are watching/listening to and the media being featured and trending.!

- All these and many more exciting features just for the ease of the user!!!

Download now and pave a new way to spirituality in your life!!

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