Swaminarayan Kirtan Mala

A searchable collection of over 700 kirtans (hymns) of Lord Swaminarayan created by P. Gyanjivandasji Swami (Kundal). The key features of this app are: 1. Search kirtans by title or partial kirtan text 2. Find kirtans based on topics such as Mahimaa, Murti Varnan and Dhyan 3. Create a list of favorite kirtans and assign custom tags 4. Quickly toggle between English and Gujarati text for a kirtan 5. Sort kirtans alphabetically or page wise This app contains all kirtans from Kirtan Saar, Kirtan Mala Part 1 and Kirtan Mala Part 2 books. To report issues or send feedback, please go to About section and use Report Feedback button at bottom. Jay Swaminarayan!

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