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Our Temples & Activities

The Swaminarayan temples located at Kundaldham and Karelibaug, Baroda, are operated by the Shri Hari Satsang Trust and the Shri Swaminarayan Temple Trust, respectively.  These temples were built by the sole inspiration of honorable saint, P. P. Sadguru Shree Gyanjivandasji Swami.  Under the guidance and supervision of Swamiji, numerous spiritual, social, educational and health related activities are carried out regularly.

Humans are known to be a social species.  Our lives depend on other humans, and we develop and learn about the world around us through the network of people.  Those people are the key to our survival and happiness. Since the majority of our time goes into connecting with others, it is important to maintain a healthy society.  It is essential that we interact with other individuals and engage in activities that lead us on a path to a healthy spiritual life.  Temples play a pivotal role on this path, and are at the epicenter of spirituality.

Our Satsangis & Impact of their Association

A Swaminarayan Satsangi wholeheartedly follows the Shikshapatri, a religious text comprising of 212 verses written by Swaminarayan Bhagwan Himself.  Some of these tenets include abstaining from drinking alcohol, eating meat and eggs, swearing, committing adultery, using hateful language, etc.  It is within the Swaminarayan Sampraday that one is able to meet Swaminarayan Satsangis that abide by these verses of the Shikshapatri and do not practice polluted deeds and thoughts.

Our Mission

By befriending Swaminarayan Satsangis, one is able to create a positive atmosphere around his/her self.  This atmosphere would prove beneficial to any such person who seeks to attain God and befriend His followers.  It would also prove gainful because one would spend more time talking with such Satsangis, whether the time be spent discussing religious texts, or the discourses by P. P. Gyanjivandasji Swami or other P. Santos, and by not spending doing unnecessary things that would astray one from God and His followers.

Additionally, surrounding oneself with Swaminarayan Satsangis could invigorate one’s life whether it be by improving some aspect of one’s personality, or a more societal issue like spending lots of money on unnecessary things.  By spending time with Satsangis, one is more likely to acquire the traits his/her fellow Satsangis possess.  Some of these traits include being respectful, generous, and kind-hearted, besides others that Swaminarayan Bhagwan expects from all of His followers.

By establishing a basic foundation of friendship with Swaminarayan Satsangis, one would slowly but surely be able to introduce more Satsang in his/her life which would lead closer to Swaminarayan Bhagwan.  In the end, Satsang is just about that – achieving eternal peace by uniting with the great God.  It is a constant reminder that this human life is transient and that our human bodies are transient, but the soul is eternal and it is this soul that longs to be united with Swaminarayan Bhagwan.  Satsang provides a constant realization of the fact that our time here on Earth is precious, and measured, and one should not waste it, and instead ensure his/her ticket to Akshardham (Swaminarayan Bhagwan’s divine abode) by loving God and His devotees. By choosing a Satsangi lifestyle, one is sure to attain an immensely happy, fulfilling, and pious life.

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Shree Swaminarayan Temple – Kundaldham
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